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Solar PV installers based in West Midlands with installations throughout the UK.






Electricity is currently generated from unsustainable resources and produces excessive CO2 emissions. The UK government is committed to substantially reduce the level of CO2 emissions over the next few years, as outlined in the Climate Change Act. It is also keen to promote alternative, "greener" forms of energy production that utilise renewable resources.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is one of the most efficient alternative methods. This uses solar panels made from special photovoltaic cells which have the ability to turn light into electricity. 

Alternative energy production methods are covered within the industry led Microgeneration Certification Scheme, (MCS) backed by the Energy Saving Trust, which certifies microgeneration manufacturers and installers to ensure consistent, robust and high standards. It is linked to REAL Assurance, which is an Office of Fair Trading scheme.

Delmar has invested considerable resources in Solar PV. All its operatives are trained and qualified as solar PV installers and the company is an accredited, registered MCS company, enabling it to install and certify installations to allow consumers to obtain the benefits of Solar PV set out as follows:

Advantages of Solar PV

By choosing Delmar as your Solar PV installers on a suitable roof space, by a registered MCS installer, a consumer can receive the following benefits:
  • Receive up to 43.3p per kWh for every unit produced, guaranteed for 25 years and inflation linked TAX FREE.
  • Use energy produced by the system for FREE.
  • Sell back any unused energy production into the grid for an additional sum per unit.
  • Protection against future inflationary rises.
  • Gain a return on investment between 8% - 10%.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions and help make the environment greener.
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